EZCare Success Hub mockup

My Role

Lead UX/UI Designer
Front-End Developer – collaborating with several other members of the marketing team at SofterWare.


EZCare is a flexible childcare management software that comes with an integrated payment system, and parent portal, used by childcare centers and preschools.

There was a desire from the business to create a way for EZCare CRM users to find answers to questions about daily administrative processes within a childcare setting.

Problem to Solve

Reduce the call volume in product support by allowing customers to self help and to find the answers to their most common administrative questions.


    • Customers did not know where to find answers to common questions
    • In-depth administrative tasks were confusing for EZCare users
    • Support call volume was growing as the year-end tasks were increasing for childcare centers
    • Create a way for EZCare customers to find exactly what they are looking for all in one easy to use place
    • Create templates, calculators, and worksheets to assist in daily tasks
    • Help users to understand the features of the software
    • Reduce support call volume by 30%