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The PPL Blog is an extension of the PPL Electric Utilites website where customers can read up about the company and learn how to save on their electric, stay safe during a storm, and more. 

PPL’s communications and marketing team were tired of the outdated look of the old blog and craved an updated version with more bells and whistles. I worked as the sole designer and developer on this project.


Over the course of several years, PPL’s brand evolved into a lighter, cleaner, more white space driven look and feel.

The communications and marketing team reached out to design asking for a complete overhaul. I jumped at the opporunity to work with comms on the entire end-to-end process of the redesign.

Problem to Solve

PPL’s look and feel has evolved leaving the blog looking disconnected and outdated.


    • Categories were not clear or easy to navigate
    • Stories were not viewable other than by most recent date posted, top to bottom of the page
    • There was no clear way to get back to the main PPL EU website
    • Archives were missing
    • No SEO strategy was being used for posts
    • WordPress theme was outdated
    • Create a custom WordPress theme
    • Migrate existing posts and content into the new theme
    • Include predefined categories and tags
    • Create badges and illustrations to go with each category page
    • Redesign the blog to align with the PPL brand
    • Teach the comms team best practices for maintaining the site and using good SEO habits

Colleen really nailed this whole thing from start to finish. She researched and implemented a new WordPress theme, created custom icons and illustrations, and wrote customized code to meet the requirements of EU Comms. She also tested, documented, and worked with the EU Comms team to allow them to manage and maintain the site moving forward. Great, great work, Colleen. So happy to see this out in the world.

Chris Martuza

Design Manager, PPL Electric Utilities


Blog badges

Custom badges were created to illustrate the unique areas of content on the website. I implemented these into the hero image as an animated overlay on each category page.

ppl in the community
storm icons

Storm illustrations were created for storm related content and marketing materials such as blog and social media posts.


Once the blog was designed and developed, it was time to hand it off to the comms team. I knew there would be a slight learning curve involved, so I documented how to create a post, how to manage the SEO, changing the homepage template for another season version, how to add new categories, and more. 

blog documentation
blog documentation
worepress theme
styles and taxanomies