In this project, I delved into crafting the UI interface and content for an upcoming version of the PPL mobile app, centered around managing scheduled electrical outages.

personalization screens

My Role

Senior Experience Designer
UI/UX Designer
Content Designer


Designing a tailored customer journey for PPL’s customers has been a prominent focus in recent years. Given the diverse spectrum of customer profiles necessitating distinct services from PPL, management sought to explore innovative personalized strategies aimed at crafting bespoke experiences for each individual customer.

Problem to Solve

Customers exhibit distinct service requirements and personalized preferences that are currently underserved within the digital web and mobile app journey framework.

    • Explore ways to personalize a customer’s online experience with PPL.
    • Show the process of when a customer will be notified of a planned outage in their area.
    • Explore ways that they can see their energy usage and make energy efficient upgrades or repairs.

Research and Planning

The initial step in our strategic approach involved identifying the distinctive personas within our extensive audience. Through comprehensive surveys targeting our large user base, we discerned three primary personas that emerged as top candidates for customization and personalization.

frugal persona

The Frugal Savvy Consumer

This persona prioritizes cost-effectiveness and seeks to maximize savings wherever possible. They are meticulous in their spending habits, often opting for budget-friendly options and diligently seeking out discounts and deals.


The Health-Conscious Electropath

This persona heavily relies on electricity for their medical necessities and devices. They prioritize reliability and uninterrupted power supply to ensure the continuous functioning of their medical equipment, making them highly attentive to power-related services and solutions..

The Tech Enthusiast

Passionate about technology, always seeking modern enhancements and features. They are early adopters of new gadgets and services, prioritizing innovation to enhance their technological experiences. Their values lie in convenience, efficiency, and cutting-edge advancements.

Crafting three personas inspired us to tailor scenarios for each user. Responding to management’s desire for personalized content, we took a UX design approach, meticulously customizing the planned outage experience for every persona through content design, UI design, stakeholder feedback, and continuous refinements.

The Customer Is Informed of an Upcoming Outage

Drawing from previous research on customer communication preferences and frequency, we settled on a communication strategy that included notifications one month prior, one week prior, and on the day of the outage. This approach allows customers to plan accordingly, ensuring they have no conflicting commitments on the day of the outage. It also provides valuable time for those who rely on electricity for medical reasons to make alternative arrangements.

Customer is alerted of upcoming outage

One month before the outage; a message is sent (unique to persona type) to inform the customer about the planned outage.

Reminder about scheduled utility work

One week prior; customer receives a reminder about the scheduled service interruption.
In addition, customer receives an alert of an abnormal increase in energy use.

power is out

Power is out; customer’s screen changes color to alert them of the outage.

Rating for overall experience

Power is restored; customer’s feedback is important. They have the opportunity to rate their overall experience.

Energy Advisor

Incorporating insights gleaned from in-depth interviews on energy monitoring, which underscored the demand for personalized energy guidance, I designed an Energy Advisor Dashboard.

How might we provide customized energy advice for our customers?

One way to provide customized energy advice for our customers is by creating an interactive energy assessment tool. Users would input details about their household, like occupancy and device usage, and receive personalized recommendations to optimize energy efficiency and potentially reduce utility costs. Integrating real-time data monitoring could enhance the tool’s effectiveness, providing ongoing personalized advice based on actual energy usage trends.

personalized appliance shopping

A concept for the future. PPL customers receive personalized energy advice based on current appliances and energy usage.

Personalized energy advice